• Chad C. Betz

Making the Decision to Stop Talking and Start Doing

In January of 2017, I made a decision. I was going to write a book.

I had been talking about it and had made plans to do it for several years. I kicked around topics, fiction vs. nonfiction, and lots of titles. I made plans and wrote outlines and started writing a novel. As I was researching the novel, I had a different idea. I was talking with friends my age (I’ll be 50 at the end of September), reading their posts on social media and I saw a trend. People were giving up on their goals because they thought they were out of their prime.

The idea of people giving up on goals bothered me. It made me wonder about what I was doing. Was I fooling myself or was I still able to get done what I wanted to get done? People around me tell me I need to start acting my age; I should stop sparring in my martial arts classes; I am going to get hurt grappling people half my age.

On the other hand, people younger than me would say that they are too old to be doing the things I was doing. As I pondered these ideas, I put aside the novel started writing. That writing turned into the book Late Bloomer; It’s Not too Late to Succeed!. After I wrote and edited the book, I gave it to people I respected to edit and critique. When all but one person complimented the book, I knew I was on to something.

What convinced me that there was value in the book were the comments I received. Everyone who read it shared parts of the book that touched them. I was surprised at how different parts of the book had an impact on each of the people who read it. There was not one particular chapter or story that affected everyone. The readers each found something that touched them personally.

I am happy to say that the book is close to publication. Along with the book, I will be publishing articles in this blog on topics that I hope you will find helpful in your journey as a Late Bloomer. Visit the website, with any questions or topics you would like to have discussed.

I look forward to sharing the Late Bloomer journey with you.

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