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Get Out of the Think Tank – Start Doing!

Day 197: We are still in the conference room talking about our annual goals. If you get this message, send people who can achieve goals…..

It is mid-July, and one of the companies I advise is still talking about their annual goals.

Setting goals is an exciting time. We see what we can accomplish, and we get excited about the future. Planning is an integral part of any successful business. It is also a trap. We can get so wrapped up in planning that we never execute our plans. We get stuck in a couple of areas:

1. The fear of missing something

2. Lack of execution

Don’t let the fear of missing out, drive your decisions

When we are planning, we are working with limited information. We cannot predict the future, so we need to make assumptions. These assumptions are best if we base them on experience and a broad knowledge base, but they are still assumptions. We need to plan with the best information we have and not get trapped in a discussion whirlpool where we talk ourselves in circles and never come to a conclusion.

Have a greater propensity for action than for discussion

The time comes for planning to end and working to begin. Ideas do not bring results. Actions from ideas bring results. Have a set planning time, and when that is complete, start doing. You will never achieve your goals by sitting in a conference room talking about plans. You need to take action.

Remember than plans are written on paper not carved in stone. As you are working, you can take time to review your progress and determine how your plans are working in terms of achieving your goals. If they are not working, YOU CAN CHANGE THEM!

When you want to achieve goals, action is key. Sitting in the conference room talking about doing things is comfortable. You dwell in the warmth of potential. You think about all the great things you can do, and you feel good.

Going into the cold, unpredictable world of action can be scary and difficult, but you need to enter this world if you are going to succeed. Action leads to results!

You may think that this story is extreme but think about your own goals. How many times have you pushed the start of our fitness plan to “next Monday”? We have all dwelt in planning and avoided action with statements like “I will achieve “FILL IN THE BLANK” after “SOME ARTIFICIAL DEADLINE.”

At some point, planning needs to end. Take action and achieve your goals!

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