• Chad C. Betz

Conflicting Goals Can Sabotage Your Success

As January comes to a close, you are motivated by your resolutions and goals, or maybe you have hit your first bump, and your motivation is waning. It is hard enough to stay focused on big goals in the best of times. We can’t afford to sabotage ourselves, but we sabotage ourselves all the time.

One way we sabotage ourselves is by setting conflicting goals. Not all goals are compatible. In fitness, weight loss and strength building can be conflicting. Committing to going to two events regularly that are scheduled for the same night will lead to missed events.

These two types of conflicting goals are:

1. Competing Goals. Goals that compete for the same resources.

2. Incompatible Goals. Goals in which achieving one, prevents you from achieving the other.

As I am reviewing my 2019 goals, I have found that my goals over commit in the evenings. I have competing goals. There are things that I want to do, but those things are scheduled at the same times as others. I have become a victim of opportunity costs. I need to sacrifice one thing to accomplish another. I need to decide which goal is my priority.

A small business owner that I am advising has the other issue. He has incompatible goals. His one goal is to build a scale-able business. His other goal is to control all aspects of his business. Having these two goals make the business very frustrating for him and his staff.

As you work toward your goals, make sure your goals are compatible. Goals of becoming a Girl Scout cookie tester and losing 20 pounds may be a path to frustration rather than success.

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